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image71I'm not always a mess,
I do have my happy days
Days when I feel excellent, and beautiful,
and just never wanna cut off my hair.

I have days when I walk in high heels,
with my head in the clouds,
and I never wanna come down.

Not all days are bad,
I do smile, I often do.
Not every night is sad,
I do dream happy dreams as well.

Baby, I just want you to know
I have many of those days.
Days with sweetness.
Nights filled with strawberries and wine.

My life goes on,
and so will I do.

Postat av: Julia

snygg blogg!

2008-05-09 @ 19:45:38
URL: http://juliaberg.blogg.se
Postat av: Olivia S

nice header'

2008-05-09 @ 19:47:14
URL: http://heterolivia.blogg.se

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